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Get a loan up to R4 000 deposited straight into your bank account today with affordable interest rates!

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APR (annual interest rate): 60% | Service fee: R60 per month

How To Apply?

Follow these simple and easy steps to apply for a loan.

Decide how much money you need

Please select the amount of money you want and how long you will need to repay your loan.

Complete the application form

Complete the online application form by filling in the required details and we will contact you once you are approved.

We verify your income

We will need a three-month bank statement and your latest payslip to verify your income and employment details.

Loan application is successful!

Once we have verified all the information you have sent us, we will contact you to confirm the status of your loan application.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Pow Wow Loans, we try to be as transparent as possible, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions, which will assist you with any questions you may have. If you’re still uncertain about something, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1What is a micro loan?
Micro finance loans are designed to be quick, with short repayment periods and simple, no collateral agreements. Most banks or large scale lenders require surety of assets, a spotless credit record, and a considerable amount of paperwork before they’ll even consider you for a loan.

Since Pow Wow Loans are unsecured, your house or car doesn’t need to be used as collateral to successfully secure the loan amount. As micro loans are smaller amounts, repayments are much more affordable.
2How is my loan approved?
Once you submit your details, a full credit check and ID verification will be done with your consent. We will then be able to determine whether or not you qualify for a cash loan with Pow Wow Loans.

In order to qualify, your payment profile will need to reflect good credit behaviour, you will need to be permanently employed and have at least one account that is paid and up to date.
3How is affordability calculated?
Once the payment profile has been assessed, we will then look at your affordability, and if you are able to repay the loan instalment. Your income will be compared to the instalments included on your credit check, as well as all your monthly expenses as set out by the National Credit Regulator.
4Must I be permanently employed?
Yes, you have to be permanently employed for at least 3 months, and we will look at the contact details of the company that you are employed at on a public listing, such as Google. Pow Wow Loans will need to confirm your employment via phone or email.
5What are the reasons my loan application can be declined?
● You cannot afford the loan
● You are under debt review
● You are under administration
● You are not permanently employed
● You have been working for less than 3 months at your current employer
● Your documents are fraudulent
● Bad credit history (E.g.late payments, blacklisted, etc.)
● We cannot find your company under any public listings/directories or on the web.

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